Panama - Tocumen International Airport: PTY Gate 134-135: DFA C2-09

Address: Tocumen International Airport Tocumen
City: Panama City
State: Panama
Zip: 0801
Country: Panama

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** Orders have to be placed 24 Hours before Flight Time **
DIRECTIONS This store is located just past security across Gate 23. Please arrive to the store to pay for your order 90 minutes before your flight. Esta tienda se encuentra justo después de la seguridad a través de la Puerta 23. Llegue a la tienda para pagar su pedido 90 minutos antes de su vuelo. IN-STORE PICK UP On your day of travel, go to the selected store where a store representative will be available to take your order confirmation (for pre-paid orders) or preferred method of payment. Also any purchase restrictions required by the duty free shop may be performed at this time. Your goods will be given to you at this time.